I visited Alcatraz today.

It is the last remaining literal institution. The people were enclosed in concrete. In walls and grids and steel. 

The prisoners could see SF through the concrete walls in their outside yard. Some choose not to see it. Some went back to their cells, to paint it from their memory.

Sometimes a prisoner would rip his button from his shirt, flip it in the air, and then look for it in the dark. Then flip it again.

You could see it from both sides of the prisoner/visitor window.

Where the rules are only remains of a practice.

The hard winds and the weather on the island made it impossible to maintain the building. Its becoming ruins of something that used to exist. Tjernobyl. An institution. Almost everything is institutions, the government, schools, workspaces. But we are not aware of it, since we don’t see the boundaries stepping from one institution to the other. But Alcatraz is the remains of a literal institution. On a small island. Very close to the civilization. 

Visiting Alcatraz was like visiting Trisha Brown. Its the ruin of a dance that barely is visible. That you only can visit through its remains. Concrete walls, grids, and spacial limitations will never been seen in front of you, but yet they will always exist, in whatever you would try to make in the future.

Happy new time.